Thursday, September 26, 2019

Darwin, Australia - April 2019

A weekend trip to Darwin by Jetstar. Travelling by plane is my only vice when it comes to the climate emergency.

I commute to work usually by bus and train, I don't eat meat and I consume very little dairy - usually only when travelling and even then only when it is part of some vegetarian meal (being 100% vegan is hard), solar panels on the roof of my house produce 50% more electricity than our family uses.

Going by train from Gold Coast to Darwin (Gold Coast to Brisbane, Brisbane to Sydney, Sydney to Adelaide, Adelaide to Darwin) would take minimum 4 days, and it would be a 5400 km trip on mostly diesel powered trains, including The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin which costs minimum $2349 per person, one way, in low season.

It is about 2900 km by plane. I'm looking forward to the day when we have commercial electric planes. Meanwhile, to offset this trip I used to calculate CO2 amount: 5900 km, two people: 2.0t. Then, using the most conservative calculation - one year of carbon abatement: 22 kg of CO2 per tree (Quora - How many trees do I need to plant to offset the carbon dioxide released in a flight?) gives the number of 91 trees. Now, for somebody to plant them you can go to: where prices start from 0.10 USD per tree for the Eden Reforestation Projects. Tree survival rate for this project is 80%, so we need to plant 114 trees, which is only $11.40 USD. This is probably the cheapest you can find nowadays.

Darwin is a city of 145 thousand people. 
The airport and the RAAF base dominate Darwin. The Darwin City is the small area in the lower left part of this map. 

Parap was the site of the original Darwin airport. The new, much bigger one was built on swamps east-north of Parap.

Approaching Darwin CBD by car
A small city Park

View from the museum
NT Parliament

Street art in Parap

Parap markets - ban fracking, legalise marijuana.

Parap markets - that's how bamboo should be spelled! There was another stall with the name OSSOM :-)

Aboriginal experience

Goulburn islanders attending a mass at Arnhem Land in 1917

Aboriginal identity disc

Dog tag

Impossible land to master

Chinese men transporting their catch from a fish trap near Darwin in 1914

Sick and elderly Chinese men awaiting deportation from Darwin in 1914

Daily life


Enlisted Territorians 

End of war

German loses

Uprising over price of liquor

Union power

Bark hut

Tin hut
Worker houses


Mining subsidies

Alfred Deakin

Under federal government

Port Darwin

Original box for "motor spirit"

Vietnamese refugees

The actual Vietnamese refugee boat


Green/orange ants

It was so much cooler/nicer in this park

War memorial

A plaque to Americans who died defending Australia

LNG terminal

A WW2 mural on a public toilet wall

Building an underground parking near NT Parliament

No shade. Hot

Vines not climbing fast enough

This tree needs more space for roots

Darwin is hot, always

The bombing of Darwin in 1942

These ceremonial poles reminded me of the Easter palm trees in Christian tradition

Desert Rose

Mindil beach