Friday, October 2, 2015

Trip to Europe, September 2015, Vienna, Ystad

I'm back in Australia from a month long trip to Poland (and a few other countries). The trip was educational, but physically and mentally exhausting. I may be getting too old for such trips.

A few highlights:
Vienna, Austria: there are many beautiful streets and buildings in Vienna, but for me the typical old Vienna street looks like this. No trees to soften the asphalt and concrete view. The view of the sky is so narrow that even if there were any landmarks, to help orientate in the labyrinth of 5-story buildings, they would probably be rarely visible. I kept getting lost walking these streets "on azimuth".

A less common view of the famous Hundertwasser house in Vienna with a bit of its neighbour on the left.

Ystad, Sweden: a beautiful little city that has a ferry service to Świnoujście, Poland.

These small houses in Ystad reminded me of Ireland:

To be continued...

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