Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trip to Europe, September 2015, Jönköping, Karlskrona

Traditional homes in Sweden often look like these. The reason for the preference for the dark red colour, known in Sweden as Falu red, is that it was easy to make it using a waste product from copper mines. This waste product contained iron, hence the red colour.

I like trains. This one was in Jönköping.

You most likely never heard of Jönköping, but maybe you know the name Husqvarna - the company that makes chainsaws, tractors, and robotic lawn mowers - they originated and still have a factory in Huskvarna (name of the place changed slightly), which is part of Jönköping now.

Sweden must be number one in international rankings in the number of global brands per capita. For a country with 9.5 million people, it seems like every business that ever started in Sweden is known internationally. I know these, but there are many more: IKEA, Volvo, Saab, Scania, ABB, Oriflame, Nordea, Electrolux, Skanska, H&M, Husqvarna, Absolut Vodka.

I finish this short exploration of Sweden in Karlskrona, which has a ferry connection with Gdynia in Poland. A more modern and typical for European cities, architecture of Karlskrona:

Sweden makes its own submarines, obviously :-), and Karlskrona is home to a great maritime museum that houses two. Here is the nose section of one of them, Neptun:

Time to get on a ferry to Gdynia...

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