Monday, June 11, 2012

Countries of Southeast Asia - Part 3

The last group of countries by population consists of three small states. The smallest is also the most populous of them.

Singapore. Population: 5 million.
Area: 710 km2.
Capital: Singapore.
Official languages: English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil.
Religion: 33% Buddhist, 18% Christian, 17% atheist, 15% Muslim, 11% Taoist, 5% Hindu.
GDP per capita in PPP: 59,700 USD.
Currency: Singapore dollar.
Democratic? Yes.
Singapore was part of Malaysia for two years, when Malaysia was formed, but it proved to be irreconcilably different and it was expelled from the Malaysian federation. Singapore's armed forces have been created with help from Israel. Singapore's military is based on Swiss and Israeli models.
The territory of Singapore is so small that Singapore Air Force has training bases in USA, France, and Australia.
Singapore is one of the most business friendly countries in the world.

East Timor. Population: 1 million.
Area: 15,000 km2.
Capital: Dili.
Official languages: Tetum, Portuguese. English and Indonesian have a status of "working languages". 15 local languages are used.
Religion: 97% Christian.
GDP per capita in PPP: 8,700 USD.
Currency: US dollar.
Democratic? Yes.
East Timor became a state in 2002 after decades of occupation by Indonesia. 50% of the population was illiterate in 2010.

Brunei. Population: 0.4 million.
Area: 6,000 km2.
Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan.
Official language: Malay. 8 other languages are used.
Religion: 66% Muslim, 13% Buddhist, 10% Christian.
GDP per capita in PPP: 49,400 USD.
Currency: Brunei dollar.
Democratic? No.

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