Wednesday, May 17, 2017

One word to rule them all - aka Polish is easy

The Polish language is notorious for being hard to learn. Nothing further from the truth. Today, I will show you how you can communicate effectively in Polish using one word only. That magic word is 'pieprzyć', which may mean sprinkling your food with pepper ('pieprz' in Polish) or a sexual intercourse (obviously). The pronunciation is something like 'pie -psh' - the 'pie' pronounced like 'Pie' in the name 'Pierre'. Note: all of these are mildly offensive in Polish, and wouldn't be used in polite conversations. Here we go:

Really? - Nie pieprz.
Don't make me laugh! - Nie pieprz!
You are joking! - Pieprzysz!
Run away! - Spieprzaj!
Leave this room! - Wypieprzaj!
Did you steal it? - Zapieprzyłeś to?
Start now! - Zapieprzaj!
Work hard! - Zapieprzaj!
He messed it up! - On to spieprzył!
Everything goes to hell - Wszystko się pieprzy
They beat us (in a sports game, or physically) - Dopieprzyli nam (w grze, albo fizycznie)
Hit him - Przypieprz mu
I have a hell of a headache - Ale mnie głowa napieprza
What a hectic day it was! - Ale był zapieprz dzisiaj!
Leave me alone! - Odpieprz się!
You are talking nonsense! - Pieprzysz głupoty.

... and my favourite, because it was used by the late Lech Kaczyński and accurately demonstrates the attitude of his Law and Justice (PiS) party towards those who don't agree with them:

Piss off, you old git! - Spieprzaj dziadu!

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