Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Currumbin Swell Festival 2016

Bad weather = good parking. Beach art 2016 from Gold Coast. First the oversized turtle and deck chairs:

Then my favourites, this one for the little story that went with it:

Patricia Hoffie & David Sawtell - "Kyoto Protocol Revenant"

These bikes worked as a windmill with 4 little passengers:
Village Bike - "Wind in the Wheelos"

A lot of work went into welding these chains into masks, they are smooth to touch:

Mike Van Dam - "Life is a Masquerade"
Scrap metal pigeons with the inflatable turtle in the background:

Dave Hickson - "Pigeons for Peace"
 My favourite, it makes you want to touch it (I did - it was pleasant):

Ben Carroll - "Nothing But Time"

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