Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trip to Europe, September 2015, Gdańsk


The main train station.
This monument to children from kindertransports is in front of the main train station. 

"Dedicated to the Jewish Children of kindertransports from the Free City of Gdańsk 1939 who were rescued from German Nazi persecution by leaving for Britain without their parents so their lives could be saved"

In Gdańsk I visited the European Solidarity Museum. It is a short walk from the main train station, and on the way you can see a few artefacts of the communist era.
An armoured transporter of communist militia.

Fragments of the Lenin Shipyard wall which Lech Wałęsa climbed over in 1980 to lead a worker's strike,
and the Berlin Wall which fell in 1989. 

The monument to the shipyard workers killed by communists in December 1970.

You who hurt a simple man, Laughing at injustice done to him, DO NOT BE SAFE, the poet remembers, You can kill him, A new one will be born, Written down will be the deeds and conversations. Cz. Miłosz

The second panel of the original 21 demands of the workers.
Number 14 is still waiting to be implemented: lower the retirement age for men to 55 years and for women to 50 years.

General Jaruzelski proclaims the martial law - 13th December 1981.

Militia truck.
Poland under martial law.
Orange Alternative in action: "C'mon mate! Time to go home"
At the top: "Down with the mandatory teaching of Russian"

"No one should be subject to torture" - still current isn't it?

The meaning of solidarity by John Paul II:
"To look into eyes of another man, and to see in them hope and fears of a brother or a sister"

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