Friday, October 2, 2015

Trip to Europe, September 2015, Malmö, Copenhagen

Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmö in Sweden are connected by the Oresund bridge. You can drive or take a train. It takes about 35 minutes to get from the center of Malmo to the center of Copenhagen, and only 22 minutes to get from Malmo to the Copenhagen airport.

While at the Malmo train station we had an up-close encounter with the refugee/migrant problem that is the topic number 1 in Europe currently. There were volunteers/helpers (?) with signs in Arabic, a TV crew, and some refugees/migrants. Why do refugees prefer Sweden to Denmark?

These are not the trains that take you to Copenhagen.

This one is:

It seems Danes have a sense of humor and are not afraid to use expletives in public. These advertisements were all over Copenhagen:

The boat tours of the city start from here. The much cheaper ones take off from the right side of the canal.

Interesting architecture can be seen from the boat:

Fancy a courtyard with steps into the canal?

Next, back to Sweden...

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