Monday, August 10, 2015


Mackay is about 1000km north of Gold Coast. Jetstar flies there, so off we went.

South Mackay in the distance and left, North and West Mackay in the front.

The city is currently experiencing economic downturn, but being there I get a feeling that this is not the first time it happened.
One million dollar apartments - never built.

Extra wide streets - hardly used.

Somebody lives here.
But there is opulence too:
The harbour

Horse racing on the beach
There are also beautiful old buildings, sometimes obscured by too wide streets with omnipresent cars, or by the much needed revitalisation works:

Erected 1890

Town Hall 1912

Art Deco Hotel Mackay, 1940
"There was a construction boom in the early 20th Century due to a series of unrelated events which combined to transform the appearance of the city. These included: • the fires in 1915 and 1916 which destroyed many shops in Victoria Street • the devastating cyclone in 1918 which destroyed 80 per cent of the buildings in the city • a policy of the council at the time to replace all timber commercial premises with masonry structures for safety reasons • a population explosion that made Mackay the second fastest growing city in Queensland for more than a decade • the economy of the city was made buoyant by steady sugar prices and co-operatively owned sugar mills which led to money being retained within the community. " 
Source: Art Deco in Mackay

Erected 1887

Another beautiful Art Deco building

Bank, erected 1922

Currently AusWide Bank, 1942

City Court

The River St mural is a new initiative to show history of the city and the region through art:

From aborigines and the city founder Captain John Mackay

Through the early history

Many nationalities settled in Mackay

DzieƄ dobry


 Other interesting places in Mackay:

Rest rooms park - closed on Sunday

"Unreal" plant in the restroom park
The beach in South Mackay during low tide

Same beach

The reason why the beach is devoid of people?

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