Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fighting Passports

I was thinking about passports from various countries yesterday and I noticed a funny thing. Some countries have "fighting" or "warrior" emblems on passports, others not so much. I wonder if there is any correlation between the symbols of the country and how its citizens see themselves, or how would they react if their country was attacked.

Some "fighting passports":

An eagle with a shield and a pack of arrows in one leg - sends a message doesn't it?


An eagle with two heads and a mace in one leg - does it say: do not mess with me? I think it does.

Less aggressive, but still showing muscle:


An eagle with massive talons, not little "hands".
Still an eagle, but smaller - Germany is a pacifist country now.

Not aggressive at all:

Leaves, gear, and a star - look like a communist emblem. Not scary in itself.


A rolling pin and a little axe - kitchen tools. :-)

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