Friday, December 19, 2014

Personal Good News of 2014

In no particular order:

  • Applied for Australian citizenship. Hoping to make the pledge in a few months.
  • Kids and wife doing well or very well at their schools.
  • Brother going amicably through a difficult process of separation with his wife.
  • Mama starting to live normally with a pacemaker.
  • In-laws in good health.
  • Family trips to Japan and Melbourne.
  • My project at work coming closer to a successful completion.
  • Moved to a new, much better rental townhouse - no motorway noise, nice new kitchen and bathrooms, enough bedrooms for all of us.
  • Maintaining contact with friends worldwide.
  • Started training Krav Maga and trying not to lose hard earned Karate skills.
  • Our community initiative - The Polish Language School in Gold Coast completed its second year of operation. A big thank you to all parents and the Helensvale Library for hosting us.
  • Following the example of my American Australian colleague from work, I asked this year my closest family to donate to charities in lieu of Christmas presents for me.
  • Donated at work to Fred Hollows Foundation - our boss matched our donations!
  • Donated to Wikipedia and UNICEF.
  • Learned about an idea that I would like to copy someday:

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