Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ukraine, 12 March 2014

Putin does not want to negotiate about Crimea. He does not talk with the current Ukrainian government. He repeats his version of events to those he talks to. He is still lying about Russian troops not taking part in the events in the Crimea. It's a blatant lie. I wonder what Russians think about it. They must know it too.

Crimea is controlled by Russia. That's a fact. Crimea will become part of Russia officially in a few days. The remaining troops loyal to Ukraine will be treated as foreign forces, and will be attacked.

What should Ukraine do? If I was the Ukrainian government, to protect life, and the remaining parts of the Ukraine, I would ask the loyal Ukrainian troops in Crimea to surrender weapons. I would seal the borders with Russia and Crimea. I would delegalise far-right parties in Ukraine. I would have referendums in eastern parts of Ukraine - if they want to join Russia too, let them go. Ukraine, and the people living in its borders currently will be stronger, better off, and most importantly alive, if they go their own ways. There is no point in starting a war for a line on a map. Putin will not live forever and Russia may have a democratic government in the future. Until then we live and wait.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ukraine, 2 March 2014

I hope no more people die for political reasons in Ukraine. I hope the Ukrainian government stands the ground and does not let itself get provoked. Putin's Russia is the aggressor here in political terms. His armed men are taking control of Crimea, which is politically part of Ukraine.

What should Ukraine do? Talk. Negotiate. Get the European Union, China, and the U.S. to convince Putin to talk. Make it clear for Putin that it is cheaper for Russia to negotiate a deal than to suffer sanctions.

There are Tatars, Ukrainians and Russians in Crimea. If Crimea is to become part of Russia, then Tatars living there should be given a chance to create their own country in Crimea or should be compensated to move to Ukraine. Ukrainians living in Crimea should be given similar choice. Russia has money. Let it buy Crimea. Life of innocent people is most important.

Of course, negotiating with Putin may not work. He's just breaking an agreement he made with Ukraine when it gave up its nuclear weapons. As long as Russians support Putin and the vision of an empire, there may not be much to do.