Thursday, June 14, 2012

Currumbin, Gold Coast, Australia

First stop at a hill near Carrara. Looking east: towards the coast and Surfers Paradise. The blocks (plots of land) around the top are for sale with prices starting at $220,000 for the smallest 700 square meter block. You can get one with a view like this or towards the hinterland.

Currumbin. Looking north: a view towards Surfers Paradise. The cliff on the left is Burleigh Head National Park. The jet ski belongs to the life guards. 

Basia. Remember, it's almost Winter here, hence the attire. When the sun comes out it gets quite warm. It was up to 23 degrees Celsius today.

Basia and the big rock.

Tomek and the same rock.

Looking south: a view towards Coolangatta - the southernmost suburb of the city of Gold Coast, and Queensland. Collangata is practically one city with Tweed Heads in New South Wales. For half a year, the time is different between the two. Queensland doesn't observe Daylight Saving Time, NSW does. It must be quite confusing for the people living in Coolangatta or visiting at that time.

Looking west: houses on a hill and the parking lot of a popular beach restaurant located at Currumbin Beach Surf Club. Today it was empty, because recent storms deposited tons of sand and it is being pushed back to the beach by the city council.

Here is the city council bobcat cleaning the parking lot.

 Looking north.

Something alive in the sand.

A sculpture of Sun Spirit by Frank Miles, 2006.

Looking north.

Looking up. A Jet Star plane landing at Gold Coast Airport in Coolangatta.

Boiling water for visitors to make tea or coffee. Very useful when you have small kids and need to prepare a warm meal.

No Australian park/beach would be complete without a public BBQ.

A computer in a children's section at a public library in nearby Elanora. See the size and colours of the keys?

And a plaque in the sidewalk in front of that library commemorating Dashiell Hammersmith.   Funny, Google search on "Dashiell Hammersmith" brings 1 result about a fictional character. Nothing on the real person. Either the plaque is wrong or Google search is wrong.

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