Saturday, December 17, 2011

Forgetting is the key to AI

I think that making computer programs fortget most of what they receive is the key to building Artificial Intelligence. Why? Because having to much data creates three problems:

1. Space needed to store it.
2. Speed of retrieval.
3. Classification: which piece of data is important?

Selective forgetting would solve these problems.

Spaced repetition algorithm should be used backwards to achieve that goal: when the AI program sees something for the first time, it keeps it until the next day. If it sees it again the next day, it keeps it for 6 more days. If by then it sees it again close to the 6th day, then it keeps it for another 15 days,  and so on. When something stops occurring, it is gradually forgotten. So, the AI program keeps less data, so the information can be retrieved faster, and the data kept is important in understanding the environment, because it keeps coming.

This mechanism works ok with the AI program learning about normal situations. It may stumble upon extraordinary, life-threatening situations, which need to be remembered separately from the spaced repetition algorithm.

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