Monday, October 3, 2011


Originally posted 2008-04-17.

Author: Richard North Patterson
Category: Fiction
Ready by: Dennis Boutsikaris
CDs: 17

A very objective look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. You will listen to many disturbing stories. You will hear from people living in that divided strip of land, talking about their rationales for living there, occupation, suicide bombings, hatred of others. Few will talk about their hopes for life in peace.

The author, Richard North Patterson prepared very well. He visited Israel and Palestine. He talked to influential people.

The fictional story is about David Wolfe and Hana Arif.  He is a US citizen and a Jew. She is a Palestinian. They studied together law at Harward, but their ways parted afterwards. They meet again after 13 years and that's all I can say without  giving up the plot.

The book is very captivating, especially towards the end. I did not mind traffic jams at all while listening to the story.

The narrator, Dennis Boutsikaris is very skilled allowing you to immerse in the story and almost forget that all voices come from the same person. Female voices sound a bit harsh, but maybe it was intentional.

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