Monday, March 7, 2011

Applying UML & Patterns 3rd Edition by Craig Larman

Rating: Too many words. Too little essence. Messy. Academic.

This 700 page book could be easily re-edited to fit 400 pages or less. There are very few original ideas here. There is a lot of repetition, obvious statements, outside of topic statements, defensive statements, and meta-content. There was one bit of wee humor in the first 240 pages, but I did not write it down immediately, and now I cannot find it. :-(

This book looks like an attempt at jumping on the agile development bandwagon, by someone who preached for ages a complex, UML and roles driven, approach to software development, and now is very apologetic about it.

Chapter 22 tells us that UML is used as a sketch, as a blueprint, and very rarely as a programming language.
Chapter 22 contains also this breaking piece of news: '''developers consistently report that UML tools seem to "get in the way" more than help''' - page 396.

The CUPPS standard defines "log in" and "log on" as 2 different operations. In the same fashion this book on page 594 defines "fault", "error", and "failure" as 3 different terms. Which normal person is going to remember what is what?

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